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When nothing goes as planned... How to get through the storm?

Today, a memory popped up and reminded me of how hard life used to be. It's devastating to lie in bed with almost a panic attack, as the emotions running through me are super hard today and not so easy to deal with in the moment.

However, it also makes me realize how far I've come and how amazing the journey has been to get where I am today. Before I had much more of these days when my body "let me down" and I had to choose healing and resting, before anything else had place in my day.

We have all been affected by our surroundings and even our ancestors' habits, emotions, and genes. That's just the way life works. If you're like me and believe that you chose your life, it becomes easier to deal with the things that pop up, as you know there is a bigger reason for them than just a hard emotion or physical pain taking you down to bed one day.

I just wanted to remind everyone of us that life is a journey, and sometimes it's good to look back and remember where you came from and what you've made of yourself. Even if the future you dream about now is not yet here, it's good to be reminded of the path you came from.

It gives us strength, power to move on, and gratitude for the moment. The Gratitude will bring in more blessings and help us move through the hard moments.

Keep living and loving, and remember to enjoy the ride. The good and bad days are all part of the ride called life.

It's a blessing.

Let me know how you feel about difficult days and if you have found an inner peacefulness around them on your journey?

ps. If you want more tips on how to find more joy and purpose in your life, I welcome you to join me in my Instagram community. Join here

With joyful living wishes,


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