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Create simplicity & Reduce stress in 2024! 

Updated: Dec 26, 2023

Feeling stressed and overwhelmed? Your in the right place, if you want some help with that in your life and business life, that is. Right place? If Yes, keep on reading my dear friend. 

I used to live a quite hectic life. I was super goal oriented and had learned b watching other people that you had to work a lot, in order to change your life around. So that's what I did. 

What I did not see on the big stages, where many of my mentors were speaking to audiences from 60 - 100 000 people at a time, at live events was the lifestyle and choices it took, to be on that stage. 

So as I tried putting my life together. My own Dreams inspired by the new people in my life being on stage, like the dear Nancy Dornan and Peter Cox or Tony Robbins, Oprah and Dennis Duffield-Thomas with the old habit I had learned from people around me and my athletic career, I ended up in a burnout, almost trying to kill my self.. 

Not a place, anyone of us wants to be in..

So I am here, writing this, because I want to offer you a solution. An easier way to get out of stress, before you burnout as bad as I did. The pathway up from there may take a long time, for me it took years. So I do not recommend it to you, or anyone else. 

If you are interested, to avoid panic attacks, too much stress that effects your health and ability to be with your children when they need you, and there for your spouse as they wish to see you everyday, then listen up. 

First of all, we want to know in what emotional state you want to be living in. What are the feelings you are most stressed about and want to let go? And what are the emotions, you want to be feeling lets say 80% of the time. As we can´t control everything, so it´s better to leave a lot or some space for life to unfold as it wants to and is best for us.

As you know this, I encourage you to write them up and put the paper, that is beautifully and with thought written on the mirror of your bathroom or by your door as you enter out from your house. Please do write 5-7 emotions you enjoy feeling for this practise. 

Now I want you to stop and feel these emotions, one by one for about 20 seconds, every morning and evening before bed + any time you pass your written text. Why? So that you can start practising your mind and body, especially the nervous system that this is your normal emotional state now. As we do this, you can take it to the next level and ask your self out loud in the end of each emotions 20 second “How could I feel more of this Z emotion everyday in my life?” and take a few moments to listen what you think of after this. Before you move on to your next emotion. This practise will take you 2-3minutes and you can do it while drinking your morning coffee if you would like to.

Do this practise for two weeks or more and please report back to me what changes you start to feel. You should start to feel even more relaxed and excited and of course having more energy in your everyday life, as you are feeling the emotions you hoped to feel as we started. 

If not, then please go back an check if you did the practise every day. Morning and evening + when you passed by the note. This entails, you are home these weeks. If you are traveling, make sure to carry the note with you. No excuses, for the wonderful women you are to be and become, right? <3 

So this practise can seem super easy and even unpractical and boring for you. Especially if you feel you have tried everything and already are well into self leadership and business growth in your own life. 

But let me assure you, from my personal experience of stress and discomfort in life and balancing a business life, and having worked with energy and the human mind for more then a decade in my own life and with my clients. It is, when we allow our selfs to focus on the simple things, that the magic happens. 

So if you are ready to take a jump and create more clarity and Simplicity in 2024 and leave the overly stressed lifestyle to be history. Let me invite you to write your dream emotions up, feel them everyday and ask your subconscious mind and heart “How can I feel more of this wonderful feeling? Please guide me towards it”, as you are deep diving into day dreaming for 20 seconds about each of your personally chosen 5-7 Dream emotions for your life in year 2024 to be true for your self.

The practise after this, is to follow your inner guidance and go do all the things you feel, will bring you this emotion right now. 

Be, who you want to be my love! 

ps. If you want further help with transforming your life and business around in 2024, into more harmony, joy and clarity within every task during your day. Don´t hesitate to shoot me a message to discuss the options for you some more. I do have some spots available still for bad ass women, who are ready to take responsibility, have fun and make the best out of the Year to come. 

Contact me by email at: ramada(@) to reach me personally or apply for a free mastermind session call on my page at and by clicking the “Apply more” button you can book a free call with me still this year.

These both ways are Great to get you the help you are looking for to transform your life, and ask any remaining questions you might have for me and about working further with me on your transformation in life and business in 2024! <3 

With love and blessings for your journey,


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