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"I created a company I hate"😮‍💨 The words of my client.. How did we change it around?

A huge realisation, that came with the help of Dan Martells book. I gave this book to my client to read, so he could learn from a man who has done it and explains it in a great systematic way.

❓ So what to do when you realize, the company you built your self, thats making 6 million in turnover and almost one million in profits, has become a place where you don't enjoy spending time at all anymore? 

For this client the emotional pathway was surprisingly easy. Hi is a very wise man who has been able to create this company from scratch together with his friend, to 40 employees and a financial life of total freedom. 

The first thing we did was to practise being fully honest. Honest about the life he wanted and the life he had. This took a moment to accept, but as we got there, hi was on fire again!🔥

After this the question became; "How do I make this as much fun and as easy as possible?" As I am the leader and decision maker of not only my life, but my company to. 

👉 First step was:

Hire help, like Dan teaches us “Do not hire people to do tasks and grow your business, hire to free up your time” and stop micromanaging and doing things, someone else could do. 

So we made sure to let go of the tasks that someone could easily be taught to do, so we could free up time & energy for real leadership task that also were interesting to my client.  

👉 Step two, question to answer;

What is my personal goal in life? 

We looked at what he wanted to experience in life, physical experiences, like cars and travels he wanted to have and what his emotional life should look like. What are the emotions you want to be feeling in life? 

After we hade some answers we started adapting more of these things into his life in general, and also practising to feel the wishful way already in the current business. 

There is a way to do that, yes 😉

Why did we do this❓

1. Step one releases real time and energy.

2. Step two gives as the inner guidance to start making better decisions, for our selfs and the company in the future. 

As we all know, it is important to visualize where you are going and what we want to happen in our lives. This is a normal goal setting practise. But what we are doing here in a different way with my client, is next level and even more change enabling. 

As we focus on the emotion we want to feel in life, right now, even though our surroundings don´t yet reflect this to us.

This new emotion will guide our decisions in this moment, to create the future we want. You can´t create into your future, what you are not. You have to become it, to experience it. ✨

There is still a way to go, to all the time freedom he wishes to have, but for today I am celebrating his wins. Before it is time to move forward and celebrate the next wins. ❤️

👉 Hi has drive and inspiration again for life and his business

👉 He has outsourced every second mondays tasks, this gives him 2 full days a month more free time. Thats 24 Days in a year!!! 

👉 He is planning his life ahead now, and putting himself out there to Grow and Enjoy life more again. 

What else could you ask for as a Coach, then to witness someone getting their life spirit back and turning a business they grew to hate during the years, being turn around? 🙏

With Love,


ps. If you are interesting in turning your life around and having more freetime for what you truly love to do and feel a sense of deeper purpose in your life and business. Book a time with me here: and lets see if this space is made for you and your Dreams. 😍

I do have a few spots available to start the journey early 2024, is the spot yours?

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