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How to tap into the freedom frequency and create anything your heart desires?

We all have dreams and desires. Some are smaller and some bigger, but I´m sure we all have those dreams that feel impossible. Or if you are like me and you live already with a knowing “all is possible” there might still be things you desire to create, as life is an ongoing unfolding process of new becomings and old letting gos. And maybe you are looking to make your Dreams become a reality faster - as you feel the call “It is time for me now” in your heart or you just want a friend for the ride while you create it? 

Eather way, lets explore how you can tap into the Freedom Frequency and easily bring in what you truly desire. 

The main idea is to eliminate all disbelief from your self and learn to tap into a feeling of joy. Limitless possibilites usually lie inside of joy. There are many ways to tap into this feeling and mindset for you. Most important is to do or think about something that makes you feel free and joyfull in your body. Is it a holiday memory? A dream? Dancing or a videogame? The possibilities are endless for you to choose from.

Once you star being and feeling the emotion of beeing free and joyful, your next step is to come into your heart and bring your intention there. Your heart is where your true Dreams are. 

Now its time for you to feel your dream, see it in your hearts eye and fully feel it, like it is happing right now. Feel how it feels for a minute or two (depending on how well practiced you are) and then instead of letting the dream go just out to the universe, you send it through our feet with a heart filled wish and strong intention to mother earth womb, with the words: “This is my reality, thank you for this Dream being a reality, in my life”.The womb is the center of mother earth, the center where all of physical creation starts from.

After this you can lift your dream back up together with mother nature to your heart and send it with a deep outbreath through your head chakra (top of your head) to the source of creation and the universe. Send it to the place that you feel is behind all creation of life on this planet. Wheather it its God, the universe its dosen´t mather, as long as you give your dream to the creatior of life it self.

Now you let go of your dream and if you feel called to, you can say three times “thank you” to ground your self and turn the emotion of the creation process into bliss. 

Now what? What is next?

Now You get on with your life as it is and continue living in the knowing, that all is possible for me. And as you and me listen to our inner guidance, the gut feeling of “What brings me true joy?” vs. thinking from the mind “What is right for me?” you will find your Dreams and desires manifest in the most beautiful way.

So as we wait, for you to say “WOU! Its a normal reality for me now”, “Its really happening”, "My dream is true for me now" we just enjoy a happy and grateful life of our current reality to make room for the new to flow in easily and joyfully.

ps. There is no need to dream and think about it everyday, as you learn to set clear and strong intentions with this dream creation process, inside the Freedom Frequency. But do make sure you keep your self in the freedom frequency emotion as mutch as possible, in your everyday life. Because this will help you to listen to your true inner guidance and help you do the decisions that take you to your Dream and Desire, in your every day life.

So don´t get me wrong. It´s not like we are not doing anything for our dream after the intention is set. But instead of thinking and obsessing about the change that needs to change and creating easily an "i dont have it yet" vibration and feeling for it. We go about our daily lifes, after setting the intention, feeling happy and practising living in the joyfull freedom frequency. Its then that the magic happens, un intentionally almost like by a mitake in your everyday life you find your self talking to the right people, having more abundance and joy. So let your Intention guid you and enjoy your wildest Dreams and Desires becoeming a normal thing in your life.

Gladly let me know how it goes in the comments! And feel free to join my wonderful Intsagram community for more insights and inspirations on how to claim your dreams a possibility for your self. 

And if you feel you want help in mastering this skill and want a friend by your side during the next amazing, purposfull shifts in your life you might want to look into the my CEOs paradise program here:

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