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Get to know me! 

This is my story, as raw and real as it gets! 

Get to know how I ended up living my Dream, what learning curves and struggles it took to get me here, and to Enjoy life to its fullest every minute of every day.


Learn about my business background too. 

Full Story of Ramanda

Part 1. Childhood and upbringing

I was born in Finland as a healthy happy and Dreaming Girl! I think you can relate? 

I was always naturally connected to the world around me, talking to trees and seeing the unseen world.

At the age of 5, I fell in love with the sport world, in my case it was the winter wonder land and Alpine skiing that stole my heart. There was no going back after that decision!

I spent 15 years after that decision working my way up to the World cup, being a famous athlete - doing what she loves! Little did I know, it was not at all the life and values my Souls wished to live, but still a very important period of my life that I am greatfull about even today. Without it, I wouyld not be here today sharing my wonderful story of heartbrake, learining and success with you! 

One other important thing I want to tell you happened when I was 5 years old. I closed my spiritual side, fully. Or 99% if you ask me. My home lost its appeal and stopped being a home. There was alcohol and a fear of violence for 15 years as well in the house I grew up in. Im safe, but of BOY was that a journey. 

The same time I was making my dreams as an athlete come true and living in different countries, training all around Europe and competing internationally. My inner child was running away from home, just to stay safe and be seen. This is a story of many athletes, even if we love what we do, what drives us might sometimes be something totally different then we think. Have you run away from something in your life?

Why am I telling you this? Because I want you to know that no matter where you are now, or have been. There is light for you and a light within you, wayting to be shared for the world. The greater the pain, the greater the light to share with the world, I would say! SO welcome on the journey of liberation, fun and freedom! 


Part 2. After the sport and youth? 

My working adult life has been an wonderful interesting ride, where one thing has always driven me. Never do anything you dont enjoy and love doing! This has led me to do boald moves and change course when ever my heart guided me to! Here is a peek into my journey as an adult:

A little bit before my athelte career ended, I fel into a depression, that later became a deep depression with thoughts about suiside. Been there? I know how you feel. This period in my life ended up being the most important. Because after finding help, I became so interested in the human mind, and later body-spirit-source connection that I honestly do not think I would be here today, writing to you had I not find my way back home. Back home into freedom and happiness, being who I am, loving my self and life as it is, knowing deep down in every sell of my being that anything I desire is possible for me. This life is a playground and I am here to have fun, and get as many friends as possible with me on this journey towards full freedom, love and respect for ourselves and one and another. That includes the people and the planet we live on today. 

With the depression came many life changing events. I lost most of my friends (They did not understand what I was going through) and I even ended up being homeless for a while. Not fun! But life has its amazing way of showing the way, not just when we need it the most, but actually every minute of everyday - if we just let it. So step by step I started to open up to this world again, in a bigger way. I went on a journey of spiritual awakening you could say. I found my self on a journey of remembering who I truly was, a eternal being expanding and living life at her best! 


I had the most amazing teachers and already awakened people show up in my life. Wanting to teach me and Being graces enough, I got to be a part of some of the most amazing healing and transformational journeys I had ever seen. I have never been a Girl who needs the science to tell me what is true and what is not, I respect it but rarely do I come from that side of the spectrum. Instead I love walking the journey of life, becoming and learning by myself. This is the only real way into learning and embodying what is true for you, in every moment of your life.  So have the courage to be you and walk the way that resonates most to you, in every moment of time! 

During this learning period I was coaching athletes for 6- years, into being the best in their ages in our own country. I studied to become a sport masseus and had my own practise for 5 years. I did a lot of energy work, meditations etc. on my spare time as well and met every client and human as they were. This meant that any skill I had or what beautiful thing wanted to come through me into the session, was allowed. So not one connection is ever truly the same. 

So what about the successes and my entrepreneurial journey? 

Part 3: All my dreams that became reality, and the journey I am on now <3 

After my athlete life was over, I spent 2-3 years creating new Dreams. Those were time freedom, having a career I love and traveling. I always want to be in control of how I choose to spend my time. After only a few years all these dreams were a reality and I was living the most magical life helping people, learning and growing everyday and spending a lot of time in nature and traveling. This was exactly what i wanted back then. Thank you for life and me, who made it happen <3 

Then in 2018 my Soul knocked me on the shoulder wispering "There is something more, this is not your life anymore" and after some thinking and my body telling me "Its time to move", yes our body tells us if we don´t listen early on on what life has to say to us. I jumped. Again. 

This time i left everything I knew behind me, not knowing where to go or what to expect. This was different then ending a sporting carreer, as there really was no knowing of what is next or what to expect. 

I chose to be off from work and everyday normal life activites for as long as it took. After 9 months my soul started telling me "I want back to society" and I feel like saying the rest is history. But I´ll tell you what started happening. 

This break made me the creator I am today. To be bold enough to take 1 year off from work and just finding my self, learning more about spirituality and how the quantum field works on this planet really made me interested in the question "How can we create all we desire to be and do, and stay healthy and wealthy on every level, while doing it?". This question is the foundation of my life and business as it is today. Nothing is done, unless I feel it stems from a pace of peace and harmony with in me and unless it comes from my higher self. Why? 

Because this is the true source to my highest possible life on earth. Like Oprah says "I want to fulfill the highest, truest expression of myself as a human being." - Oprah 

My mission today is to live as whole heartedly as I can, create a space for me and for my clients where we can feel fully free and fully seen. A place where you get to be reminded of the amazing potential you possess, even if you would never ever before have been in touch with that part of your self. To live in the knowing that you are fully free and cabale of changing any situation you desrie in your life, is the most liberating emotion ever. And the best creation platform ever on this earth. After this, all the creation details are easy to use and learn. Ill tech them to you inside my coaching programs. Find out more here if you want to linkki "programs sivulle".

A glimpse into my every day life now:

Weekly rhythm:

Work 24h/week ( I love what i do) usually 4 days a week is work

3 days free

1 day ALWAYS no program day. Only ME time <3 


Horses: I love riding horses and currently learning and studying more. Working on making it to the GP Jumping cirvle one day - as I free up space and finances enough to be able to do it in the level I desire! I also help problem horses gain trust in humans again, so if you have one, please let me know and ill see if I can help you! I usually have one of my own at a time, plus help others if possible. 


I have a summer house with my mom in Finland, where I love spending time in the summer time. I also make sure I enjoy some time in nature everyday. Taking in the gratitude of life and relaxing into the flow of life as it is naturally at its most beautiful self. 

Dream home: 

I finally enjoy a life in my own house, with two different buildings. And if you choose to work with me and join a VIP day, you as well might be here with me taking in the Finnish nature and guidence of the land we live on. 

I have the see just 2km away and enjoy my Dream view from the window. I see the fields and the forest around me, in every room. What could be better for me? Nothing! 

What is next? 

Creating a legacy and building a world together with you, where everyone is seen

and respected as they are. Making a world where no dream is to big to dream

and where we all can stand in our own knowing of "All is possible for me" that is why

I go out and live my Best life everyday.


And so should you! 

With much love and respect,


IMG_5841 2.HEIC

Lets open the doors (and windows) for success <3 

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